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Become a Underwriter

Introduce our audience to your business! Support we receive from businesses through underwriting is vital to the success of Radio K’s programming.

Promote Your Business and Support KXOU

Businesses support Radio K with a philanthropic mindset or to meet their marketing objectives with a variety of underwriting and sponsorship opportunities: on-air underwriting announcements, member newsletter, Specialty Show Sponsorship, etc .

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What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is the name the FCC has given to on-air announcements acknowledging public radio’s supporters from the business community. Underwriting is an important source of funding for the station. While contributions from listeners is a major source of revenue for the station, underwriting support from the business and non-profit community enables you to reach new customers while allowing Radio K to broadcast programming we could not otherwise provide. Radio K delivers a cost effective, highly targeted audience. Underwriting provides extended marketing value, allows you to capture maximum mindshare, and strengthens your brand within the Radio K community.